You and your team have spent hours on the hair, crafted the makeup, picked out the ideal wardrobe, but what about the nails? They can easily be the last thing you think about when it comes to preparing for a test shoot. After all, the focus is usually on the models face, body language and wardrobe but nails that look amazing and compliment the concept of the test shoot are essential.

Katie Kan Nail Artist
© Katie Kan

Creatives use test shoots to build their portfolios, network and experiment with concepts and styles. Although as a creative, it is the best time to make mistakes, a manicure or nail grooming of any kind is often forgotten about or not thought of at all. Test shoots are vital in building and maintaining a career as a freelance creative and most importantly, they allow you to produce images that you actually want in your portfolio, in your chosen style (if all goes to plan.) They are ideal for experimenting, from the creative direction, concept, and post-production, to the wardrobe, hair, makeup and last but not least, the nails.

Susan Walters Nails
© Susan Walters

Why are nails important on test shoots

  • It displays the team's attention to detail.
  • It shows an awareness of current trends.
  • It highlights that there are no limits to your creativity.
  • It allows creatives to get innovative and inventive with their shoots theme and concept.

Sometime around 2012, nail art went from something residing in small local salons to being seen on the world’s biggest celebrities and fanciest red carpets. When it came to beauty, it was no longer simply about a person’s facial makeup, but attention turned to how the nails were decorated and how this complimented the whole look in line with current trends. It became a beauty staple. Now there are hundreds of Instagram accounts solely dedicated to nail art, showcasing nails trends like cuticle jewellery, spray on nail varnish and nail art activism. It shouldn’t be a surprise then, that an increasing amount of teams on test shoots are going as far as collaborating with nail artists to ensure that the model is flawless, from head to toe.

Donna Legge Nail Art
© Donna Legge

How to use nail art on test shoots

  • Pay attention to the fine details – if the shoots theme is minimal ensure that the model at least has a manicure beforehand for those close-ups!
  • Nails can add so much to the shoot – use nail art to emphasize the theme and concept of the shoot.
  • Incorporate nails into the shoot – including shots of the model's nails in the shoot to showcase the detail that went into building the concept.

By understanding the importance of attention to detail on test shoots, you and your whole team will look professional and therefore attract more clients and future collaborations – the whole point of the shoot in the first place! Nail art is another statement of style, creativity, and artistry and will help you to nail every test shoot that you do!

Feature image © Anastasia Shirkhan