Looking to hire a freelancer for a job? What's the first thing that comes into your mind? Price? Quality? Experience? Location? We've spoken to hundreds of employers, brides-to-be, brands and collaborators who often come to us after they've been let down the first time around and they all point to 3 things that they look for when hiring a freelancer.

Everybody loves a bargain and if the option to buy something of value at a lower rate is available we tend to take it. The trouble with the cheap option is that there are normally a few hidden costs that are lurking. Cheap normally means inexperienced and with that can come a lack of professionalism. Buy cheap, buy twice. 

This point covers a lot. A lack of professionalism includes not having the authority to manage others, be able to adapt to unexpected situations, being late or not showing up at all. When hiring a freelancer, detecting professionalism is easier than you may think. Check the website - does it look professional? How many years has the freelancer been working and are there testimonials you can read up on? 

The last key factor was the quality of work and the portfolio plays a big part in that. Ask yourself is the work of an exceptional quality and is it suited to my needs? The trick here is to look past the overall image and at the freelancers individual work within the shot. For example, a makeup artist may have a portfolio containing top models, beautiful styling all shot by an amazing photographer but how does the makeup look? Try to separate the overall image with the freelancer's work to determine if it's right for you. 

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