Freelancers and the self-employed form the vanguard of the British workforce, making up over 14% of the total employment figures for the country. The latest report from the Office for National Statistics shows the number of those claiming to be self-employed has increased by 146,000 in the past six months.

This is fantastic news for us, as it means more pressure will be put on the government to provide better freelancer support, while freelancing as a career is taken more seriously. There is certainly money to be made, but which are the best freelance careers for the wonga? We did some digging and compared the careers that pay the most with those in the highest demand. Here’s what we found:
1. Web designers and developers
Every business needs a website and quality is an increasingly important factor. As such, web designers and developers are in high demand and because their skills are so niche, they are able to charge a pretty penny for their services. Experienced developers can charge anywhere up to £200 (plus!) an hour. Designers make slightly less but can still rack up around £500 a day.
2. Graphic designer
One of the most highly sought after creative professionals today are graphic designers. These are the people who make brands stand out, conveying advertisers’ messages in ways the target market are likely to engage with. Graphic designers can also lend their services to a range of branding requirements, including packaging, web design, static advertising and more.
3. Search engine optimisation consultant
The internet is a maze and it is easy for website to get lost, invisible to even the most thorough searcher. A good search engine optimiser will get your page appearing on the top of search lists across a variety of search terms and keywords and will understand how Google algorithms operate in order to stay on top of an ever evolving process. Most high end SEO specialists command fees of around £200 an hour and newbies with necessary skills can easily earn $£20 - £30 per hour.
4. SEO content writer
Content is the new SEO and increasingly more focus is placed on creating high quality, keyword-packed copy that people will engage with and share amongst social networks. This is a hugely successful way of gaining website rankings, which are essential to a business’ success in this highly competitive market. As such, those with writing skills coupled with a solid understanding of SEO are able to make around £50 an hour or between £25 and £40 per article. Although they cannot charge as much per hour, this career ranks highly because it is in such high demand - SEO writers will rarely find themselves without work.
5. Photographers
Photographers can charge an absolute bomb for high quality work and experienced and eclectic professionals will lend themselves to a range of occasions, including weddings and photo shoots. They make a mid-ranking, however, because the industry is so competitive and as such a freelance career as a photographer can be difficult. Never fear though, those that make it can charge anywhere between £1000 and £2000 per day for their services.  
6. Professional translator
As the UK becomes more multicultural, there is increasing demand for experienced translators across a range of industries. Within the creative field, translators can work with television companies, publishers, international agencies and more. They can charge over £100 an hour and benefit from a niche skills set, particularly if they also have other creative talents such as the ability to write well.
7. Scrap book design consultant
Keeping scrapbooks used to be a hobby but has now become a multi-billion dollar industry in freelance careers. Talented scrapbook designers who produce beautiful layouts and designs can sell to individuals and corporate clients and make a very good living working freelance.
8. Mobile developer
Mobile development is one of the highest paying, most specialised freelancing careers in the world today and companies will pay thousands for a successful, unique mobile app. Expect to see this freelance career continue to creep up the list as more and more companies realise the potential of specialised mobile apps.   
9.  Social media consultants
Traditional businesses are now turning to social media to engage their current and prospective clients. However, most of them do not have the capacity to have an in-house trained professional to manage their social media accounts and hence rely on freelance social media consultants. Social media consultants understand the nuances of social platforms, including what content is best suited to Facebook or Twitter, how to analyse community engagement and build audiences. As such, they are a valued tool in digital marketing and can charge up to £100 an hour for their expertise.  
10. Makeup artists

Skilled makeup artists can make a very successful career from freelancing, especially if they are versatile. Not only can they work on sets with models or actors but they can also make a good amount for weddings, parties and amateur photoshoots. Furthermore, entrepreneurial makeup artists can take the initiative and develop their own makeup brands.