Do you have a burning desire to become a full-time freelancer? Are you in a 9 to 5 job that you hate and spend most of your time looking at ways to escape? Full-time freelancing brings its own set of unique challenges but, if you get it right, can offer the flexibility, financial security and job satisfaction that's rarely found in a full time job.

How do you move from a full time job to a freelance career? 

The answer is easier than you might think. Here are a few key tips to consider before pulling the trigger. 

  1. Make sure you've got some savings in the bank. The first 6 months are often the toughest whilst you find your feet and you'll need financial support while you grow your freelance business. Presuming you'll be bringing in some money to begin with, around 3 months saving to cover your expenses should be enough to kick start your freelance career. 
  2. Have a plan of action. The words business plan often strikes fear into the hearts of most creative thinkers but they're not as daunting as you may think. Start with the basics like how much money do you need to run the business, what are your overall expenses (general expenses and business expenses) and how much do you think you'll earn in the first 6 months. 
  3. Try to secure a couple of regular clients while working the 9 to 5 job. When you're used to a monthly wage moving to freelancing can be a shock to the system. That little bit of regular work will not only help the bank balance but also give you a sense of security. Don't just look for the next job, look to form long term relationships. 
  4. Be ready to accept work. Use your evenings and weekends to set up the essential aspects of your freelance business. Make sure your website explains what you do, shows examples of your work and gives the viewer a way to contact you. If you're using social media as part of your marketing strategy, ensure all the platforms you're working on have brand related content. Have you've thought about your pricing? What's your bottom line when negotiating? Do you have a marketing strategy and projections for the next 6 months? Get these answered, and you'll be in a healthy place to pitch for work. 

Freelance Full-time

Should you like some professional help with the transition, you can always talk to a freelance expert to see how realistic your business is and whether it's going to make you money in the first place. It may not seem like the best place to spend your money right now but trust us, it could save you thousands of pounds of wasted time. 

Browse the community and send a message to a freelancer who is offering mentor services. Ideally, you'll be able to find someone who works in your industry so they can give you advice and insights on the nuances you'll need to know about. Ask them the questions that only an industry professional will know and avoid the typical trend of making big mistakes early in your career. Should your freelance plans not be viable they will let you know and provide you with advice to make the business work for you so that you can move away from your full time role and into the freelancer life that you've always dreamed of. Click HERE to browse our freelance community and use the Mentor filter to save time.