Photo shoot locations in the UK that propel your photography project forward and flawlessly deliver your vision are difficult to find. It can take days and weeks to discover the perfect location to shoot not to mention timing, lighting, access permission and travel. To help you scout unique photo shoot locations in the UK, we have compiled a great list of striking and beautiful photoshoot locations all across the UK for your to research. These outdoor locations in the UK are free to use, just make sure you're respectful of others.  

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Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel

photo shoot locations uk Leake Street Arches

Location: South Bank, London

The Leake Street Arches are the largest legal homage to street art in London and include original work by Banksy, it is even encouraged to draw graffiti on the walls and the ceiling of the tunnel whilst visiting. The arches are a public space but photoshoots must be authorised by submitting a request form on their website.

Suggested photoshoot themes: block colours, monochrome, formal. Avoid choosing the obvious theme of 'urban chic' when shooting against graffiti walls and try a stark contract or all-out colour explosion. 

Hampstead Heath Pergola

Hampstead Heath Pergola - photoshoot locations uk

Location: Hampstead Heath, London

Think you know Hampstead Heath, think again. This beautiful, largely unknown gothic photoshoot location provides stunning views of the Heath and Hampstead Hill Gardens. The wonderful greenery against the grey stone is a great place for a photoshoot and is in a public place so it won't be a problem shooting here.

Suggested photoshoot themes: with the grey stone and ever-changing greenery, a tribal or autumn theme would work well in this photoshoot location. 

The Colourful Houses of Portobello Road

Photoshoot locations uk Portobello Road

Location: Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London.

Portobello Road in London’s vibrant Notting Hill area provides a beautiful and lively backdrop for a day photoshoot. As it is a public outdoor space, there shouldn’t be any problems shooting here, however, finding a quiet time to shoot at this vibrant location might be challenging. 

Suggested photoshoot themes: embrace the origins of street photography and include the crowds in your concept. There are plenty of bright colours above the shop fronts that you can shoot so think about how your theme will complement these.  

London Wetlands Centre

photoshoot locations uk London Wetlands Centre
Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Location: Queen Elizabeth's Walk, London SW13 9WT

The centre is home to various wildlife, ponds and gardens making for a tranquil and alluring photoshoot. Admission is £14. Make sure you get permission before your shoot. 

Suggested photoshoot themes: with so much rugged nature to choose from for your location, a boho theme would work really well as would a layered style. 

Margam Park in Wales

Margam Park in Wales photoshoot locations uk

Location: Neath Port Talbot SA13 2TJ

With a magnificent castle, 18th century Orangery and luscious green gardens, Margam Parks is a brilliant location with plenty of shoot options. Discover how to arrange a photoshoot at this location here

Suggest photoshoot themes: If it's drama you want, you got it with this unique photoshoot location. What a backdrop! Regal, formal, evening attire would compliment these grand grounds. 

Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market photoshoot locations uk

Location: Gracechurch St, London EC3V 1LT

This beautiful market is lit up at night and is home to various passageways and Victorian architecture. It was one of the locations filmed for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It reminds us of Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele in Milan. Cobbled streets and incredible lighting. 

Suggested photoshoot themes: Dickensian fashion, lace, and frills, or why not embrace the area and shoot a 'Gentleman in London' with bowler hat and cane. 

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Little Venice

Little Venice Photo shoot location UK

Location: London W9 2PF

Little Venice is a quaint neighbourhood located in London’s Paddington. The delightful area makes for a perfect shoot during day or night and is famed for its charming boats, waterside cafes and traditional pubs.

Suggested photoshoot themes: the canal is a beautiful place to shoot with the water in the middle ground and an array of houses, stone walls and bridges in the background. Flowing styles, layers, and dreamy concepts always work well with a shimmering reflection from the water. 

Warstone Lane Cemetery

Warstone Lane Cemetery unique photo shoot locations

Location: Icknield St, Hockley, Birmingham B18 6PL

Warstone Lane Cemetery is situated in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter and dates back to 1847. It is not open to new burials and has become quite derelict, which is perfect for futuristic or science fiction themed shoots. It is also visited by many tourists who regularly snap photos. 

Suggested photoshoot themes: In a Gladiatorial setting with multiple levels, play with perspective and try shooting with more than one model at a time. 

Church of St Luke

Church of Saint Luke unique photoshoot locations in the UK

Location: Leece St, Liverpool L1 2TR

These church ruins are now known as the Bombed Out Church. The building which was once an Anglican parish church now stands out as an exciting arts venue and a landmark in the city of Liverpool.

Suggested photoshoot themes: stunning ruins are an amazing backdrop for bridal themed shoots or vintage wear. Embrace your medieval side and shoot a metallic theme to contract the brick. 

Glasgow Necropolis

Glasgow Necropolis shoot location unique Scotland

Location: Castle St, Glasgow G4 0UZ

Glasgow cemetery provides a beautiful gothic location with stunning architecture and a breath-taking view. As the cemetery is in a public place, it shouldn't be an issue shooting here.

Suggested photoshoot themes: so many options with this photoshoot location that you could plump for a Highland theme or utilise the views to capture an incredible backdrop with any of your themes. 

Rapeseed Fields

Rapeseed Field Unique photoshoot location golden fields

Location: M25

These bright and picturesque rapeseed fields are accessible via the M25 going towards Kent. The fields are pretty desolate so there shouldn’t be any problem shooting here, however, early mornings are advised as they will be even quieter.

Suggested photoshoot themes: with all of that incredible colour, Sping dresses and oversized Summer hats are a must. 

The Cromer Pier Show

Cromer Pier Unique photo shoot locations

Location: Promenade, Cromer NR27 9HE

This Victorian pier has a great vintage feel and will be fine to photograph on as it is a public space. There is also a show featuring dancers, comedians and ventriloquists performed at the end of the pier during most nights.

Suggested photoshoot themes: Shooting by the sea can be challenging. Depending on the weather, the water will also change colour and impact your photo shoot. On a cloudy day, all of that grey would work with a dark theme or act as a muted background for a brightly coloured photo shoot. 

Forest of Dean

Forest of Dean unique shoot locations forest woods

Location: Western Gloucestershire

The stunning Forest of Dean is home to a plethora of superb natural locations. The woodlands make up England’s oldest forest and have a magnificent range of ancient ruins, trees and captivating landscapes to work with.

Suggested photoshoot themes: as anyone who has shot in a wooded area will attest, there's only so much green one can take! Winter shoots can provide a gothic, eerie location whereas spring/summer lends itself to woodland, fairy, fantasy themes. Coloured smoke flares can help create a festival vibe too. 

St Mary’s Lighthouse

St Mary's Lighthouse seaside unique photo shoot location

Location: St Mary's Island Causeway, Whitley Bay NE26 4RS

St Mary’s Lighthouse is a picturesque and historical site that opened in 1898 and seized operating in 1984 before becoming a visitor centre. It is advised to get in touch here to arrange group visits and bookings. The lighthouse typically opens from the late morning until early afternoon and is closed in the winter. Admission is £3.30.

Suggested photoshoot themes: rocks, water and a giant lighthouse will provide plenty of choice on this location. Be mindful not to feature the main attraction in every photo as the editorial might feel repetitive. Browns, greens, and autumn reds lend themselves to colder themes. 

Chinatown, London

Chinatown London unique photo shoot locations UK

Location: 10 Wardour St, London W1D 7DH

London’s famous Chinatown isn’t only frequented for its oriental food but for its photogenic qualities. The boldly decorated streets and bright lighting make this an ideal night shoot location.

Suggested Photoshoot Themes: Chinatown at night is as close to Vegas as we'll get in London! Night shoots can be a lot of fun as long exposures will blur the lights and create magical effects. Circus, funfair, or an Asian theme to match the surroundings would fit nicely. 

Isabella Plantation

Isabella Plantation unique location shoot photo UK

Location: Richmond Park, Kingston upon Thames KT2 7NA

Isabella Plantation is a gorgeous garden that boasts quaint pathways, flower bushes and towering trees. The park is managed by The Royal Parks London and opens from 7.30a.m to 8.15p.m daily. To inquire about photoshoot opportunities, contact the press team here.

Suggested Photoshoot Themes: Richmond Park is a photographers paradise for location options. Wild open fields with deer wandering around on one side, pretty kept flower gardens on the other. Whimsical themes, English rose, or Warrior - from one end of the spectrum to the other. 

Goodwin’s Court

Goodwin's Court street unique photoshoot location

Location: Central London

Goodwin’s Court is an enchanting and distinctive alleyway that provides a nostalgic example of a Victorian London that houses buildings built in 1690.

Suggested Photoshoot Themes: Dark alleyways and low light require a good lighting kit to capture detail. Alternatively, embrace the shadows and shoot a Jack the Ripper style shoot or film noir. 

Whitby Dracula Trail

Whitby photoshoot unique photo shoot locations

Location: Whitby, North Yorkshire

This is a fantastic location for a gothic photoshoot. On the trail, you will encounter the various landmarks and locations associated with the classic novel Dracula.

Suggested Photoshoot Themes: It's got to be done. If you make your way to Dracula's Trail, it's got to be a gothic or horror theme. 

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