A Freelancer’s portfolio is an essential tool and, very much like a CV, it should represent your work in the best possible light. A strong portfolio will showcase your talent and display your skill in an obvious way. However, there's more to a portfolio than just a bunch of images. Here is what employer look for in a freelancer's portfolio.

It’s amazing how many creative freelancers fall into the trap of quantity over quality, there's no need to showcase all your work. An overcrowded portfolio will result in old, outdated and irrelevant material. It will detract from your stronger work and come across as unprofessional.

Keep your portfolio streamlined and make sure it’s constantly updated. Remember, one bad image will make an employer question the other strong ones. Employers suggested a minimum of 8 images up to 20 (depending on the job). 

Organise your portfolio in such a way that the employer can see that you understand their brief. What’s more, make sure you present work that shows you have a strong awareness of the current trends and direction your client wants to go in. 

Don't over crowd your portfolio. Quality over quantity wins out every time. 

It’s likely a future employer can see up to 100 portfolios in a week. Chances are they will only spend a few seconds on your portfolio and those precious moments will determine whether they want to see anymore. We recommend that you show your most relevant and strongest pieces early as well as finishing your book with a WOW shot that sticks in the memory. 

A portfolio is not just a printed book. It's your website, profiles on sites like The Freelancer Club and images on your phone or tablet. Each platform should be considered and planned out.

The quality of your prints and actually portfolio book will also tell a story about your professionalism so don't skimp out. You've spent weeks and months getting the shots together, make sure you do them justice.