Freelancing is sky-rocketing. More people and companies are hiring freelancers than ever before and there is a real opportunity for talented individuals to earn a living or generate extra income from their skills and passion. 

It’s not just the financial rewards either. Many are interested in freelancing for more control and flexibility in their lives. Some choose to run a business to improve their work-life balance and be their own boss. The benefits are endless and yet a large proportion of new freelancers struggle to earn enough to make it past the first year of business.

In reality is that the majority of freelancers, contractors, and side-hustlers spend far too much time setting up, running the day-to-day tasks, and seeking out new clients when they should be working on paid projects. In fact, of those who choose to freelance full-time, 80% have to close their business within the first 5 years.

How can you avoid being another statistic and join the club of thriving freelancers? We've broken it down into 3 parts. By improving your understanding of business, learning how to automate the administrative tasks and adopting the right mindset, you can set up a viable and rewarding freelance business in a very short space of time or, if you’re already freelancing, vastly improve your efficiency and achieve your business goals.

If you feel stuck in a vicious cycle of going project to project or are generally frustrated at the lack of progression, the first port of call is to enrol in Freelance Business School and learn the essentials that will save you so much time, stress, energy and money in the long run. 

“With over 10 years of experience as a freelancer, 12 years running businesses supporting freelancers and 10,000 hours of teaching freelance essentials, I’m excited to share my knowledge and help freelancers, at all levels, achieve their goals and ambitions.” Matt Dowling, Founder of Freelancer Club


  • Earn more while working less.
  • Choose where, when and how you work.
  • Take control of your working life.
  • Develop the knowledge to run your own business. 

Successful freelancers know how to market themselves, promote their services, land clients and run a business. To see where you should start your learning journey, check your Freelance Business Level here

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio