Why work at London Fashion Week? What's the big deal anyway? Why does everyone lose their mind around London Fashion Week and what do you really get out of it? We spoke with a few London Fashion Week regulars to get their views on the benefits one would get at the capital's hottest fashion show and what a freelancer can expect when experiencing the LFW madness.

Meet the very talented Make-Up Artist Virginia Bertolani, an established freelancer and a regular at London Fashion Week, Flavilla Fongang, the founder of the leading branding and style consultancy 3coloursrule and fashion stylist extraordinaire Kiera Liberati, a major player in the alternative fashion scene. We started by asking 'Why work at London Fashion Week?' 

First off, why does everyone want to work at London Fashion Week?

V.B: I think that everyone wants to have big shows on their CV and LFW is one of the 4 biggest fashion events in the world. When I started, it was a big dream of mine! Some people just like the whole London Fashion Week experience, the fact that you are helping the designer's vision to come to life and the adrenaline you get during those 10 minutes before the run-through. Some others find it glamorous and, actually, it's a pretty cool experience.

F.F: You have two types of people who come to LFW. First, the fashion influencers; fashion journalists, established photographers, designers; who come to discover new trends, new models, new collections, new bloggers designers and artists. Then you have aspiring designers, fashion bloggers, models, makeup artists who come to be noticed by those fashion influencers and improve their image.

K.L: Well I don't know if everyone does! Most of the time I am booked through fashion week on other jobs. But I guess if you are with a magazine and you want in on the action then you should do a few seasons.

What do you actually get from working at London Fashion Week?

V.B: First of all, experience. The first show you do can be overwhelming because everything is so fast paced that it seems to take literally two minutes from the demo to the run through. The more shows you do the more accustomed you get with the whole thing, you start working better under pressure than when you have plenty of time and that's a really valuable skill. Also, every show is unique, the looks you do, the Makeup Artists you assist. You are able to learn new techniques and see different approaches to makeup every time you are backstage. It's a big reality check as well, you have to leave your ego at home for the day and do exactly as you are told, even if you disagree with certain things.

F.F: Working at LFW is an opportunity to showcase your skills, make new connections and create more partnerships with established brands or rising stars.

K.L: You get to see how the standard of clothes really should be! Meet great people, the excitement and you’re first to see trends.

Love London Fashion Week

Can I expect to be paid for my work?

V.B: Well, I'd say it depends on the show. Bigger designers have bigger budgets so sometimes you get paid sometimes you don't but I don't think it should be your biggest concern.

F.F: Not always nevertheless it is a great experience to be in.

K.L: It depends on what you are doing; some shows don't have a budget for dressers, stylist etc. But their collection is amazing so well-worth the connection. Others will have a budget and hire a pro dressing team and management team.

Are the shows better than the after parties for networking?

V.B: They are definitely good for it, although you have to be a little careful because it's not always the time to network and again, you are there to assist someone else so you should be focused on that and socialise just before the demo and once the girls are on stage (unless you are there for touch-ups). After parties are basically big networking opportunities and you should definitely try and be there if you are invited!

F.F: The shows don’t give you much time to network as everyone is just yearning to see the collection of each designer. However, the after parties, between shows, exhibition rooms and the courtyard of Somerset house are great for networking.

K.L: Well that depends on you! What you make of your time, I find at the shows you meet genuine people that work in the fashion industry. Then at the after parties a lot of cool kids with popping Instagrams but no work to show for it.

Photographers at London Fashion Week

What's the best thing about working at LFW?

V.B: Why work at London Fashion Week? For me, it's the number of things you can learn from your key makeup artist and the other assistants.

F.F: You never who will meet and what kind of project will come out of this encounter. It is always a pleasant surprise.

K.L: Getting to see the collections close up! And the champagne!  



Flavilla Fongang is an expert when it comes to branding and styling. To book a mentor session with Flavilla you can do so here.  If you would like to ask Flavilla more on London Fashion Week she will be #TFChour on Monday 16th Feb between 8pm-9pm on Twitter. 

Virginia Berlatoni is a highly talented and experienced Make-Up Artist you can see her work here

Check out Kiera Liberati's fantastic work right here