Hey there gang! Been a while. 


But there’s a reason for that…I’m currently following my own advice.

Look, freelancing is still my ultimate masterplan, but right now I’m in the hunt for a more stable, full-time stopgap. 

And I’m noticing a common reaction from colleagues, friends, and even my own family upon hearing all about this change of pathway I’ve decided to take a stroll down…

They all appear to be really excited for me. They all appear to be impressed with my attitude.

This new attitude of mine has been like a new client 

That is to say, just like winning an exciting new client and getting off to the best start with them…I feel like this attitude is no different. I’m following the exact same protocol.

Allow me to digress…

Let's start at the beginning…

So, late last year, shortly before Christmas, something happened out of thin air. The night before it happened was the same as any other school night — I went to bed with the agenda of waking up the next morning and cracking on with my end of year to-do list as a freelancer…which was essentially to win more clients. Good clients. Long-standing clients. Clients that might actually lead to something. More on this in just a sec…

But upon waking up that morning…well…err…lets call it late morning (hey, even us freelancers appreciate a lazy Friday) I had an unread whatsapp message awaiting me…

It was from an old colleague/friend who told me “it is not only a longshot but also short notice, but do I fancy interviewing for a new exciting Head of Content position at one of his company’s new partners…which is a startup.” It didn’t sound like a freelance/contract opportunity, but instead full-time. That was the longshot — he was convinced I’d have zero interest in that. Then I asked more about it, and something happened within me…a penny dropped somewhere. Again, more on this in just a sec…

He couldn’t believe I was interested. Then came the second part of the equation — the short notice. He told me they are looking to fill the position “yesterday,” so I’d need to get my CV fully up to date over the weekend and say I’m available for an interview on Monday or Tuesday at the very earliest at least. 

Thank the good Lord I’m a freelancer, and a single bachelor one at that. While many people my age are out spending quality time with their families over that weekend, I was having a yet another hot date with my laptop down the local coffee shop — no different to 99% of my freelance life regardless. 

“How did the interview go, Alan?” 

No different to an actor feeling good walking out of an audition, I couldn’t help but notice the pep in my step as well. There’s a reason they call it a gut instinct, and my gut was telling me that for a freelancer who hasn’t officially interviewed for a traditional job for just shy of a decade, let alone the short notice…I had every right to be chuffed with myself. 

I wasn’t wrong, they really liked me too …and my old colleague was hoping I felt the same so he could report back and play official matchmaker. It was a double win for me. I performed well, which in turn also made him look good as the representative who vouched for me. 

Cut a long story short, I didn’t get the job. There were a variety of factors I don’t feel at liberty to discuss here. However, I was both relieved and gutted at the exact same time — a very unfamiliar feeling. As for the former…well, I didn’t really want the job anyway, I was just happy to accept the opportunity for a professional learning experience and see what’s what, then simply go back to business as usual. 

As for the latter…it would have been a career/life changing opportunity had they offered it to me and I said yes.

And this is the moment where my attitude changed…

Earlier I mentioned how there was more to come.

Well, it was at this moment where I had a choice: Go back to yet another period of grind and hustle and find another network of freelance clients that, admittedly, I’m quite good at ....or take my own advice as per linked in my intro. What was driving me closer to the latter, was how much I enjoyed that interviewing experience, for the first time in under a decade, with one damn cool company I believed in…and could envision myself working for. 

It got me thinking…

Guys, I’m exhausted. And I’m also currently broke. 

I just don’t know if I have it in me right now, yet again, to go hustling for a new client base — I need a breather, I need stability, I need something that “leads to something.” 

My experience at that interview was so positive and inspiring, I caught the bug to want to feel it again. But this time, I head to interview like a candidate looking to secure Lord Alan Sugar’s quarter-million pound investment on The Apprentice.

I’ve been working with a career coach these past 2 months to help me reposition and sell myself — via my CV, self-promotion, and interviewing techniques. I’m pumped, I’m all guns blazin’, I’m ready to take my insanely strong skill-set I’ve built solely as a freelancer and freelancer alone to an organisation who values it.

This process I decided to accept and go through simply because I had nothing to lose as they say, has in fact won me something — this new attitude — this beast within me that has been awoken.

It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later…

So, I am taking a break from freelancing at this point in my life and looking for a full-time stop gap, and will come back to this life again when the time is right. I’ve given myself a few years, see where I am, the people I’ve met, the network I’ve built, the money I’ve made…and decide whether to cross that bridge again. 

Like I explain in the article I linked in my intro, remember, freelancing is my masterplan, so this new pivot of mine of going back to the working world is merely a means to an end to get back to the life that I want. 

I’m not sure if this will be my last piece for the Freelancer Club or not, or hey, perhaps I could now become the “Undercover Freelancer” who gives my freelance family all the intel and beef from the otherside. 

Whatever happens, I am feeling like a whole new Alan — a guy who only a few years ago, who’d have scoffed at this idea. 

I’ll always charge for my skills, but I won’t for this attitude — it’s priceless.  And I owe everything to freelancing because of it.

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