Youtub. This meaningless word is searched for over 6,120,000 times per month globally. Consider that when I tell you 'youtube' is searched for 1,380,000,000 times. There's more to SEO than just long tail keywords. Let's look at how you can turn 'youtub' into sales.

First of, let's get our terms in order. 

  • Keyword: a word or concept of great significance. Also referred to as a keyword phrase.
  • Long tail keyword: three and four keyword phrases that are specific to your service eg: London Fashion Photographer
  • Youtub: a meaningless word often searched for due to the popularity of

When you're optimising your website or searching for keywords to use for your paid ad campaigns, there's hidden value where you least expect it. Youtub may not have any relevance to your website and so the high volume of search results it receives is largely useless to your business, however, find a keyword or long tail keyword that is and you could be quids in. 

Let's imagine you're a freelance photographer and you wish to optimise your site to rise high in the Google ranking for the keyword photographer. Well, as it's a single word, popular and with pretty stiff competition, the chances of your site appearing on the first page are as slim as youtub making the difference. 

The next obvious step is to look for long tail keywords that aren't so popular. You might try London photographer or Freelance London Photographer. Both are great keywords but they're still very popular and sought after meaning it could take quite a while to rank highly for them. You could always pay for the keywords but at £2.30 per click which is Google's suggested bid for London Photographer, it could get pricey. 

Consider the keyword fotografer with low competition and a suggested bid of just .86p, the keyword generates 14,800 monthly searches. Not bad for a word that has the same meaning as your profession. Misspelling searches have become ever more popular and an area of keyword research that's really providing to work. 

Start searching for your own Youtub and get optimising! In the meantime, check out our YouTube channel for more.