Instagram for freelancers - a topic that excites some freelancers and scares the living daylights out of others. 

Do you ever feel that some people are really savvy when it comes to social media. They like creating content, engaging with other freelancers and connecting with potential clients. 

Then there’s those who don’t have a clue where to start after downloading the app and when they post on their feed, nothing! 

Unsure how to find clients on Instagram? Want to understand the importance of user engagement? Want to learn how to better use Instagram to grow your freelance business? 

Whether you’re an Instagram amateur or a whizz on this popular app, we want to share some really helpful Instagram marketing tips for freelancers.

Last week, we spoke with Freelancer Club member Jola Sopek, a graphic designer and illustrator, about the value of having a robust following on social media. 

In today’s article, we share some insightful Instagram marketing advice from Hariotte Lane, an influencer and freelance model with an Instagram following of 66.2K. Harriotte is also Miss International UK and runs The Crown Coach. 


1. Do you invest time building your following on social media? If so, how do you build it up?

I focus on the content rather than the following, good content and consistency will grow your followers.

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2.Do clients find you and approach you because of your social media following? How much of your work comes from social media and as a direct result of your presence on various social platforms?

Yes, I get direct requests to work these days with brands but I am very selective about who I work with as I always want to post relevant and genuine recommendations. If a brand doesn’t fit I will often produce content for their social channels instead.


3. Do you always post the projects you do for clients on your social media accounts or does this have to be formally agreed upon before the job?

It really depends, if I think it’s relevant and interesting for the followers I do. 

Sometimes it’s part of the contract of what I’m being paid for. Sometimes I will post it to support the business. They supported me so I support them.


4. How important is it to have a strong following and engagement on social media as a freelancer?

Engagement is definitely the core of it -  there’s no point having 100k followers and no one interested. I’ve been stripping out dead accounts for the last year. It means that my numbers haven’t grown but it has improved my engagement which, in turn, helps me be more visible to grow. 


 5. Have you been offered more freelance work opportunities as your social media following/influence has grown? If so, why do you think that is? How do you think your social media presence adds value to a client’s project?

I am very niche these days, a lot of my content and followers are related to my pageant work. This means my audience is great for fashion, beauty and aspirational lifestyle products.

The key to successfully working with brands is working with a brand that your audience wants, that way it’s sure to be successful for everyone.

I definitely get more offers now that I have become more established, but it’s still a challenge getting brands to recognise the value and step away from just gifting.


6. What piece of advice would you give to other freelancers on building and growing their following/ influence on social media in order to add value to their freelance projects?

Always focus on the content, stop looking at the numbers, it's not going to change the results, be genuine and most of all consistent!

 Harriotte Lane Model Influencer
Charlotte Clemie Photographer

We’d highly recommend Instagram for freelancers in 2021.

As Hariotte explained, if you’re strategic about what you post, focus on the content and choose carefully who you work with, you can use Instagram to grow your freelance business.

If you’ve been using the app for a while, I hope Harriotte’s advice will help you step up your game to better promote your work and find clients on Instagram.

If you’ve yet to sign up, why not take the plunge and do it! Harriotte’s Instagram marketing tips for freelancers will give you some helpful guidance as you get started! 


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Cover image: photographer Stacey Clarke