Changes to Facebook algorithms directly affect how content shows up on a user’s news feed - and they have a direct effect your freelance business too. Facebook algorithms determine who sees your posts and when, but the whole process can feel a little complicated particularly as they seem to move the goalposts on a weekly basis.

A recent Facebook algorithm change gave users the ability to decide which friends and brands they want to see updates from first. You can counteract this effect by producing high-quality content that users want to read and encouraging followers to add your brand to the “see first” section, which now appears on their personal Facebook page.

Just like the constantly changing Google algorithm, this update is unlikely to be the last Facebook algorithm change you see. Here are a few ways to optimise your content for Facebook algorithms:


Facebook announced in 2013 that it wants users to get high-quality content from its feed, and this philosophy hasn’t changed much. Facebook algorithms determine your engagement rate by checking your updates for likes, shares, comments and clicks. You can check your engagement by clicking your Page’s Insights tab to see how certain posts are performing. 

Factors such as the type of content you share and when you choose to post can also have a huge impact on user engagement - do your research and figure out what works.



Facebook tracks trending topics and treats time-specific content differently from less time-sensitive posts. So it’s vital to maintain a level of live interaction and conversation on your Page, don’t just rely on pre-scheduled updates.



Facebook algorithms change to keep pace with how people interact with content in their News Feed. For example, users tend to like live video broadcasts more than pre-recorded ones when using Facebook for business purposes.

Facebook also penalises poor content. If you use clickbait links, where you use an attention-grabbing but irrelevant headline, then your Page will plummet. Also, avoid “like-bait” where you ask users to like a post based on some banal content such as “click like if you like fashion!”



You must keep on top of Facebook algorithm changes to keep your page at the top of the News Feed.  It’s impossible to predict what Facebook will do next, so keep posting high-quality content and remain vigilant for those ever-changing algorithms.

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