How much does a brand identity designer make?

Whether you’re a new business looking to create a brand identity, a seasoned company looking to rebrand, or a freelancer unsure how much you should charge, knowing how much a brand identity package costs will go some way towards moving your project forward.


Before we go any further, it’s important to note that there are two main aspects to brand identity - there’s the strategic element and there’s the visual element. 

The strategic element refers to the overall brand strategy a business follows, which includes it’s positioning, it’s messaging etc. 

The visual element, on the other hand, is underpinned by the strategic element and refers to the colours, typography, logos, websites, business cards, signage etc. a business uses.

According to a range of reputable sources, businesses who’d just like the visual aspect of their brand identity to be developed for them could expect to pay an average of £2,000. This is an option that appeals to startups on a low budget, who opt to formulate a brand strategy themselves.

Businesses who’d like a brand identity freelance designer to create both the strategic and visual elements of their brand identity, could expect to pay upwards of £5,000.


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Variables and add on costs

There are numerous variables which can push these average rates up or down. They include a designers experience, the number of elements included in a brand identity and the number of amendment rounds needed to complete a project.


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Experienced designers who’ve helped numerous businesses design their brand identities possess valuable expertise and a wealth of knowledge which they can apply to future client projects.

Expect to pay such designers quite well for their services. 

Saying that, I’d urge you not to discount less experienced brand identity designers when hiring for your business. While they may not have the same experience as other designers, they’re generally highly creative individuals who are passionate about creating original and valuable ideas to help develop brands.


Number of elements included

Expect to pay for every element you want included in your brand identity. The more entities you ask a designer to work on, the higher their cost will be.

Depending on your business, a logo and a website are probably your first port of call when you're thinking about brand identity. 

Brochures, business cards, tote bags - if you only have a small budget to put towards your brand identity, these are some of the things you should definitely consider leaving out.


Rounds of amends

A round of amends happens when a business gives a designer feedback on their work so far and a designer implements their feedback. 

A brand identity freelance designer will likely include a set number of amendment rounds in their quoted rate before starting a project.


Rounds and rounds of amends can see projects dragged out indefinitely with no end in sight, which costs both the designer and the client time and money. 

After an initial consultation with a client, designers generally have a good idea of the number of rounds they’ll need to complete a client’s brand identity package 

The more rounds of amends needed, the higher a designers rate will be. 


Invest in your brand identity

A strong brand identity helps to ensure that your business looks professional and stands out among its competitors. Furthermore, it allows businesses to easily maintain a consistent look and feel across all mediums, which is crucial in developing strong brand awareness and engagement among your target audience. 

If you have the financial resources available please consider getting both the visual as well as the strategic elements of your brand identity developed from the get go. Getting both elements developed together by one designer makes for a very well rounded, through brand identity, 

How much does a brand identity cost? 

Whether you’re a brand identity designer or a business looking to hire one, I hope this article effectively addressed the above question. 

A strong brand identity is like a solid house foundation. 

If a builder doesn’t invest in appropriate foundations for a new house, the rest of the build will likely be hampered and over time faults will appear in the house which will be difficult (not to mention very expensive) to fix. 

If you have the budget to do so, invest in a solid brand identity from the get go. 

It will pay for itself in the long run.

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