When will lockdown end in England? 

The question on everyone's lips was finally answered by government officials last week when they unveiled their ‘roadmap out of lockdown’. 

In this article, we break down this roadmap to help freelancers who offer face to face services decide when they can get back to work. 


From 8 March, English residents will experience a gradual lifting of restrictions as they follow a 4-step roadmap designed to allow the country and its industries to slowly and safely emerge from the third (and hopefully the final) lockdown. 

The dates of the 4 Step Roadmap are subject to change based on Covid cases etc. but we’ve outlined the provisional dates provided by the government thus far: 

  • Step 1 will be divided into 2 parts:

    Part 1: Will commence 8 March

    Part 2: Will commence 29 March

  • Step 2 will commence 12 April 

  • Step 3 will commence 17 May

  • Step 4 will commence 21 June

A handy breakdown of each step can also be found on the BBC website here.

It’s important to state here that we’re not in a position to make recommendations to freelancers or clients about how they choose to run their businesses. This article simply aims to provide freelancers with guidelines and links to helpful resources that enable them to make informed decisions.  


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Beauty Professionals (make-up artists, hair stylists, nail artists etc.)

  • Make-up artists, hairdressers and other close contact services (ie anyone working as barbers, beauticians, tattooists, sports and massage therapists, dress fitters, tailors and fashion designers) can reopen in step 2 (12th April). Although it’s not been specified yet, it’s expected that this date is applicable to those who provide services in their own homes as well as those who provide services in other peoples homes. Great news for nail technicians and nail artists, hairstylists, makeup artists, and freelance beauticians. 

  • As mentioned in our recent article Covid Guidelines For Freelancers in Lockdown 3.0, it seems that those providing their services in a professional capacity as part of those sectors that remain open can continue to operate at present. For example, make-up artists in film and TV production, and fashion shoots. However, these services cannot be carried out in premises required to remain closed. 

  • Under the performing arts guidelines, where performers cannot do their own hair and makeup, makeup artists must follow the government guidance on working in close contact settings.

For more details on working in the performing arts sector at present please see the official government guidelines on the performing arts.


Weddings, civil partnerships and religious services

  • Where weddings, civil partnerships etc. can only take place under exceptional circumstances during the present lockdown, from 29 March, weddings are permitted to take place under any circumstance and can be attended by up to six people. 

  • When weddings occur under exceptional circumstances during the present lockdown, it seems that it’s permissible for professional photographers, videographers and stylists to travel to such events and they will not count towards the limit of six permitted guests. However, guidance on whether or not photographers will be permitted at all weddings and civil partnerships from 29 March has yet to be made clear. 

See the government’s guidelines on weddings, civil partnerships and celebrations and The Royal Photographic Society website for more information. 


Live events, gigs and festivals are set to open 

  • Step 3 (17th May) of the government's roadmap will see the return of live events, gigs and festivals. While attendance and capacity will be more limited at many of these events, this development is great news for dancers, photographers, videographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, models and freelancers who can now look ahead and pick up work for such events.   


When will lockdown end in England?

After a tough start to the year, it’s great to finally see light at the end of the tunnel. 

That said, we’d like to see the government issue more details around who can and can’t work at each phase of their roadmap, as certain freelancers need more clarity.

As the government begins lifting restrictions in England in the weeks and months ahead, it’s important to continue the positive hygiene practices and standards that we’ve kept thus far - social distancing, mask-wearing, etc. 

The end of lockdown is in sight and it certainly feels nice to be able to plan ahead again. 

Keep an eye on our jobs board for any upcoming opportunities in the coming weeks. 

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