Introducing Meetups, the new feature by Freelancer Club. Meetups gives members the opportunity to learn, share, network, collaborate and connect with other freelancers, whether it be in person or online. Whether you are an organiser or a participant, getting involved in a Meetup makes the world of difference to a freelancer’s headspace and creative process.

Spitballing ideas, delivering a masterclass, forming an interest group, swapping advice and skills, or meeting for a coffee, connecting with other freelancers is a tonic in itself. 

Part of Freelancer Club’s core mission in 2021 is to empower its members by developing their full potential through peer to peer learning and collaboration. 

And on that note, we’re delighted to present our newest feature:


What are Meetups?

Freelancer Club is all about connecting people, whether that's via a reply in a Discussion, facilitating a Collaboration or Test Shoot, or matching freelancers with jobs. Our algorithm and alert system helps connect freelancers to a wide range of valuable services and Meetups is the next step in our suite of matching tools. 

A Meetup can be a talk, workshop, masterclass, interest group, casual coffee, in-person event, online webinar or whatever you fancy. Online or offline, Meetups let you host or attend a range of freelance gatherings, notify specific groups of freelancers, see who’s attending and start a group chat before, during and after the Meetup.

For online events, freelancers can also include a meeting link (Zoom, Skype, ClubHouse etc..) that will automatically be sent to freelancers who have expressed an interest in your Meetup. Essentially, it's a tool that promotes you and your Meetup to a huge database of interested people. It can help you grow your reputation as a leader in your field, enable you to meet others with common interests and values, learn new skills or facilitate meaningful connections in your local area. 

Meetups Feature

Benefits for members who want to organise a Workshop or Masterclass Meetup

  • Establish yourself as an expert

  • Increase your influence and following

  • Generate new business

  • Make industry contacts 

  • Promote your brand


Benefits for members who want to arrange an Interest Group or Social Meetup

  • Connect with like-minded people

  • Form a support group

  • Share ideas, contacts and recommendations


Benefits for members attending Meetups

  • Learn new practical skills

  • Improve your business know-how 

  • Make new contacts

  • Learn from the experiences of other freelancers 

  • Get advice and guidance from experts 

Freelancer Club Meetups

Not only do Meetups help freelancers develop professionally, but it provides them with a space to make social connections and learn new skills which can enhance their overall wellbeing.

Research shows that learning new skills can improve your mental wellbeing by:

  • boosting self-confidence and raising self-esteem

  • helping you to build a sense of purpose

  • helping you to connect with others

Similarly, research shows that connecting with people and forming positive relationships can enhance your mental well being by:

  • building a sense of belonging and self-worth

  • giving you the opportunity to share positive experiences

  • providing emotional support and allowing you to support others

As a community for freelancers, Freelancer Club is all about finding ways to help our members meet other freelancers and learn from them.

New to freelancing?

Meetups are a great way to attend an event, workshop, session, or masterclass without the fear of having to get too involved. If you'd like to sit in the shadows and watch a Masterclass, go for it, if you'd like to ask questions or network, that's an option too. Either way, it’s such a worthwhile step to take. 

Creatives place a high value on novel ideas and perspectives. So, even if you don’t have years of experience and expertise under your belt, they’ll still want to pick the brains of a fellow creative!

A 30-minute event on Meetup could be the difference between you completely abandoning an idea or getting a nugget of advice on how to turn that novel idea into something that becomes your sought after, creative trademark.

So, be sure to check our the new Meetups feature and let the creative juices flow!

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