Edvinas Maciulis, makeup artist and hair stylist, met model, Lydia M, and photographer, Ivan Weiss, on The Freelancer Club to test shoot. The result was a new connection, great images and more experience. Check out their shoot and their story.

Why do you test shoot?

LM: I personally love test shoots! I love the process of collaborative brainstorming, or sometimes one person has some strong ideas and it’s interesting to help build on that, or take it further. We arranged this test shoot because we all wanted to get more experience and build our portfolios. Test shoots are great for this reason.

EA: Well the test shoots are the first and main step to establishing myself in the industry I would say. First of all, it’s a great experience. Secondly, it allows you to understand and learn how to work as a team. As it is very important to be able  to do this in this industry. Thirdly, I think it is a great opportunity to meet new people, expand your contact list and promote yourself. The most important I guess is that you get the photos, which is essential for promoting yourself and building a portfolio Also, you can show your creativity and what makes you stand out from the crowd

You found a team to rest with on the freelancer club site. What did you like about it?

LM: The team was great! Everyone was very professional, good at their craft, and really wanted to get the best shots possible. We laughed and the vibe was really comfortable. It’s amazing when passionate creatives work well together. Apart from quality images, I always want a good vibe when working with other freelancers.

EA: The Freelancer Club site was the first site that I registered on. I think it's very well built allowing to show your portfolio and other necessary information, simple, easy to use, but has a lot to offer for all parties from small basic jobs to big and long lasting opportunities regardless what you do. Also, I really like the idea that there's a lot of paid work opportunities. It is a great site and I’m happy to recommend it to anyone who wants to promote themselves, or find other creatives to collaborate with.

Tell us about the shoot. What do you plan on doing with the images?

LM: We shot at the photographer’s home studio, which was really cool. We initially discussed what we were lacking in our portfolios and went from there. We all agreed we needed more colour! I styled the looks I was going to model and each person put their own unique touch into make-up, lighting, mood etc. The shoot just flowed really, really well. 

EA: The shoot was the first shoot for me as a freelancer. I really enjoyed it. The photographer was really professional, helpful, and easygoing . He is very passionate about photography and it shows in his work . Lydia (the model) was really warm and friendly. She was a diamond to work with. She was very flexible, and let me do what I wanted to create regarding the makeup. They were both a pleasure to work with and I can say I am lucky to have my first collaboration with such amazing creatives!

Photographer: Ivan Weiss

Makeup: Edvinas Maciulis

Model: Lydia M

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